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2020 Remodeled Home Tour


Whole Home Remodel

Boise, Idaho

The Challenge

For this project, the client wanted to enlarge their home, remodel their kitchen, and improve their den so it wasn’t as confined and dark. They also did not want any support posts throughout their home to delineate where the addition was. From the exterior, they wanted to make sure the home didn’t look like it had been remodeled.

The Vision

After discussing several options, the customer’s main concern was to bring them more space, but to the entire home. We added 10 feet to the entire back end of the home. The length of the home was 65 feet. In doing so, we needed to reconfigure the space to offer an open kitchen with an island that flowed seamlessly into the dining and living rooms. We also created a much needed and very functional back porch. This was accomplished just as the homeowners requested with no support posts.

The Solution

We removed the entire rear wall of the home, which required the tails of the trusses to be supported. To achieve this, we created a brilliant design with girder trusses that made the transition from old to new seamless. Because the husband is a Ham radio operator, we also eliminated one support structure to create the platform for a new radio tower.

The Results

The remodel added 650 sq. ft. to the home and changed the entire look and feel. Friends and family alike were blown away with the change. It was an engineering challenge we met with gusto, and you cannot tell that the home was remodeled. The only rooms not touched were two existing bedrooms.

Remodeler Introduction

Contact Info

Joe Levitch
114 E. 35th Street
Boise, ID 83714

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